Dear Zindagi


Dear Zindagi,

I want to confess something to you. I know you will be surprised after reading this. Because every time I talk to you, I end up bombarding all my problems & issues towards you. The word “Sorry” is never enough, still i want to apologise for all those sleepless nights, crying and griefs, through which I made you suffer with me.

I always wanted to live free. And you know who was stopping me?. It was ME. There are lots of things which I wanted to do but the fear of failing always stopped me from doing those. I always wanted to write but i had a inner fear that, no one will ever read my blogs. So I never started. But now I write whatever my heart feels. There are handful of people who regularly read whatever I put up on my page. I am loving this process of happiness. It is amazing. And now i realised that this is what matters. This is the missing piece of puzzle that i was searching for.

There were many problems with my relationship. It didn’t work out. And I always solely blamed myself for it. But I never saw it the other way. Some relations are never meant to go forever. And that’s okay. You can’t force someone to stay in your life. Let them go. Wait for someone who deserves your heart and soul.

Now I have learnt not just to live but to celebrate each and every moment of you(my life). And I am loving this new version of you, which was there but I never noticed. So, Thank you Zindagi….

Love You


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