An evil demon of darkness, ten-headed monster, one who abducted Sita. All these thoughts come to our mind when we hear the name “Ravana”. From our childhood, he had always been portrayed like a negative character or a villain. But despite of that, there are many things which makes Ravana an unsung hero. And for that, we should turn back the pages of history and try to read the untold story of Asuras.

After reading the Meluha series, someone suggested me about this book called, ‘Asura – Tale of the Vanquished’. It is an epic story of Ravana and his people. We all have read or know about ‘Ramayana’, but little did we know about the silent story of these vanquished asuras and their leader “Ravana”.

I still remember when I started reading this book, I came across one line said by Ravana himself. After reading that I immediately called her and read those lines for her(which I usually do). After listening those lines she got impressed and said that she will definitely read this book. The lines were, “I was born to fulfil someone else’s destiny, to make someone else a God”.

Regardless of being Rakshasa(a demon), he was also a great scholar, fearsome warrior, maestro of Veena(a musical instrument), follower of lord Shiva. The only problem which led to his downfall was his ego. Like every year, today we are celebrating his death as Dussehra (the day when Rama killed Ravana, victory of Deva’s over Asura’s). I am not saying that whatever Ravana did was right, but there were certain things which he did are worth to respect and we can learn so much from this invincible man.

To know more about Ravana, his people, his way of ruling, his associates and so many untold things, read this book “Asura-Tale of the Vanquished”.

You can get this book online from:



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