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Wrong Number

……..said a familiar voice


Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, LOVE gives us a fairy tale. But some of these are never meant to go till the end. Because sometimes no matter how hard you try, one cannot change what already is written in their destiny. What then remains with us are just the memories.The worst part is that, they can only be remembered, we cannot touch or feel them. I came across one such love story. Yes, it has a lot of sorrow, crying, pain, but the most beautiful fact is, it was all real and true. The feelings, romance, love, were all true.

I am a die hard Bollywood fan. When I was single, or to be precise in a one sided love, I have always imagined myself proposing to her, the way SRK does in all his films. It never happened though. But their story was simple and it started like any other couple’s love story. They both were in same university and they had a few common friends. It was him who fell for her, when he saw her for the very first time. But as a de facto rule, a guy needs to make the first move, so he started trying very hard to get her attention. She already had an idea about it (from a friend), but she never showed it, she wanted him to try more and impress her. So, love was in the air.

After few days, their numbers got exchanged, they started talking through messages and messages were replaced by calls. Many a times they both used to skip the lectures and sit in the library for all the time, just to see each other. Those were the best days. They started liking each other’s company. It was just the beginning, but they already witnessed the best days of their lives, or at least she definitely did.

Everything was going well until that day, the day when he told her that, they can’t be together and it will not work for the long run. The moment she heard him saying all this, she got numbed, betrayed, cheated. She never expected this. But he had his own reasons and circumstances. He knew that it would be very difficult for the both of them to call off their relationship which had just started to bloom. But he was very firm on his decision. She tried all the possible ways, cried even begged to make him understand, but maybe it was too late. He just disappeared from her life, from their fairytale, leaving her behind, alone. He left in peace, and left her in pieces.

But as they say, time never stops for anyone. The day he left, her belief in love was gone. She was strong but lost. Now, the life had completely changed. They both moved ahead in their lives. She always wanted him happy, but behind that happiness she wanted her to be a reason. Is this selfishness?? Yes, maybe. He is happy and stable now, but this time with someone else. Should this thing should bother her?? She always says NO to this question. But deep inside, the girl who loved someone truly is always against it. The girl she is right now, and the one from the past, they always fight with each other, but they both know that nothing is going to change.

She was very strong right from the beginning, but he made her stronger. Yes, sometimes she would get weak like all other humans, but now after so many years she is used to such things. After all these years, he always managed to cross her mind at least once through whole day. Initially she tried to avoid him (his thoughts), but there are the things which you can’t control. So she learned to make peace with it.

There are many among us, who when go through such phases, we just want to get over those things as early as possible. But she never imagined herself getting over him (his thoughts). Through all these years she had gone through many sleepless nights. At one such night, she was reading one of her favorite book, for don’t know how many times. And then her phone rang. She closed the book, and took the phone to check . It was an unknown number. She was about to reject the call, but something inside resisted her. Between all this, she accidentally picked up the call. She said “Hello”?? And the next moment, when she heard the voice from the other side, she got numbed, her hands were getting cold, she was shivering like anything, and no words were coming out of her mouth. Yes, it was HIM.

She wanted to tell him that she is still waiting for him, she still cares, she still believes in their incomplete fairytale. With his each word, she felt his touch, smell, she wanted to hug him and cry for the one last time. She came in her senses, when he asked, “Is there anyone”?? She wanted to yell at him and at the same time ask him that one question, which she had kept with herself. But instead, she said, “Sorry, Wrong number”. The moment she uttered those words, she cursed herself for doing it. This time she didn’t get any response from him. Still, the call was on. Nobody said anything. She could feel that his eyes were moist, maybe. She wanted him to say something. But she knew he won’t. She gathered all her courage and was about to say something,

He disconnected the call….