A Special Thanks

And the Best Title Creator for the month of Feb goes to…..Bhavnesh Pohan from Morning shift.

For first 3 months I was in night shift. We were asked to come in the afternoon for the monthly nomination. But due to some reason I reached late. It had started already. If I enter through the main door of cafeteria then everyone would have looked at me, so I skipped that idea. I was that shy. I went for the back door. But even there I stood for around 10 minutes. The doorkeeper, all this while was looking at me suspiciously, as if I was from some different planet. I gathered all my courage and joined the people who were standing very near to the door.

Introduction of nominees, announcement of winners, clapping, cheering, speeches, all these things were happening in front of me simultaneously. Those moments inspired me and I could already hear people cheering my name and curiously listening my speech. I know it was all my imagination but deep inside my heart I knew that I will make it happen. It took time but soon it happened. I got nominated 3 times out of which won twice.

There are many people who helped me in achieving this, but there is one person to whom I can never thank when it comes to words. I tried something in my first winning speech, I hope she liked it. She is my mentor, a person whom I can ask all my silly doubts, be it related to work or my personal life. She has been always there with the solution.

Thank you so much Zenia for all your support and guidance.


(still from Annual Party, Pic Courtesy…Herself)

In last nomination I didn’t gave speech. I was prepared but not sure that it will be Me. So here is the exclusive untold speech of mine,

(First thing I would like to mention that I like my name in this font (Pointing towards my name in certificate). Last time when I won for the discovery I had a feeling of an actor getting the award but this time I am feeling like a superstar. It always feels great when your hard work is getting appreciated and recognized. I would like to thank management and my whole team for their support. Till the time I will be in this organization and will get these awards, one name will be always constant in my thanking speech and it is off course, Zenia. So Thank u so much…)


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