“POST” Valentine

She was looking very beautiful in her red dress. He had planned many things to make this day a special one for both of them. They were seating in her favorite restaurant for lunch, after watching movie. Their table was full of gifts, which they got for each other. Even he sang a song for her. It was all perfect. She was very happy and to see her smiling, he too was happy. She came home with all the gifts and greeting cards. She was kissing each and every gift which he gave and was putting in her drawer. But while doing so, out of nowhere she realized that many of those gifts (things back then) were related with their fights, arguments and bad memories. Her smile faded and she became sad, again.

Her favorite author said in one of his books, that “falling in love always hurts, because after all it’s a fall”. But still every one of us falls for this beautiful risk. Road designed for true love is never easy. But I think with certain things you can walk on this amazing path with your beloved partner without any difficulties. May be someday her favorite author will write a novel about your love story. And this will be the best gift for her.


The most important or the base of any relationship is how much you both trust each other. No matter how beautifully you build your dream world together, but if you don’t trust each other then any given time your dream world will collapsed and you will left with only regret and nothing else. There will be the times, when you will have to lie but that too for the good of your relationship. It’s okay, but at the end of the day you should tell your partner about it. It will make your bond stronger. But don’t make it a habit.



Always ‘say it out’, what you want to. If you keep things with you, then it never going to work for your relationship.  Because sometimes what happens is that, these bloody things get piled up in your mind and when it becomes unbearable to handle, you just lash out those without thinking of anything. Your partner may get hurt if you share, what you didn’t like his/her behavior, and that is why most of the time we stay quite. But that will not going to help in the long run. Love is always about expressing, whether it is happiness or sorrow.


Don’t be a cry baby:

Love comes with many feelings with itself, and one of them is getting emotional or being sensitive. There will be fights, arguments and lots of crying but don’t make it repetitive. They say that crying is one of the forms of expressing and it never makes you weak, but it does if you do it regularly. And it does affect your partner and your bonding.


Never Assume Things:

Many of us have a bad habit of assuming things that didn’t even happened. These are the thoughts which were constantly running in our head, but in reality they never exist. Never listen to anyone and don’t try to judge the things which are based on your assumptions. Sometimes your sixth sense might assume the right thing but then, it’s on you to give importance to your relationship rather than those assumptions which hardly matters.


Love Yourself:

In the process of loving someone else, we sometimes forget to love ourselves. If you are not happy with yourself then no matter how hard you try, you will never able to give hundred percent in relationship. So do something which makes you happy, be it your hobby or any creative things. It will help to boost your self confidence and in turns will make your bond even strong.



‘Time makes things always better’, but many of us don’t go by this. We have the habit of just rushing into things and want to get them back normal. But by doing so, we always make things horrible. And in the regretting never makes any sense. So no matter what happens, just give some time and eventually all the things will become normal. And for that always believe in your love, always. Most importantly think, think & think, before you act.


I read somewhere that Love is not blind, rather it is deaf, so don’t just say things, make them happen.♠♠




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