……Always demands to be felt

No one can always stay happy and if someone is happy all the time then he might not know the real meaning of happiness. There comes a time in everyone’s life when they get sad, alone and feel something called as pain. But do you think this pain thing really make any difference?? I think it should not, because A: Pain is temporary just like happiness is, and B: Sometimes you need to feel the pain to get over it.


While surfing through TV channels, I finally stopped at one particular channel where, one young lady or to be precise an actress was being interviewed by a reporter regarding her upcoming movie. Her next film was about to release in some days and the theme or the story line of that film is based on depression. I loved one thing when she mentioned that this is a story of a lady or wife who stays in village. We who stay in suburbs are familiar with this term and on top of it all the medical or diagnostic terms related to it. But even I never heard that people who stay in villages or remote areas are dealing with the depression. May be they have their own different terms for calling it. But anyway we will get to see once this movie hits the theater, and yes the name of the movie is “Mohor”. It’s a Marathi movie.

We come across many people who never share their pain or never express exactly what they are feeling. I think I am one of them. But over the time I started hating my behavior as it is causing me a lot of troubles both mentally and physically. While going through all this situations I am blessed that I have her. No matter how disgusting I behave sometimes, she always understands. I am really blessed to have her in my life. Touchwood!!

When you keep all the pain or sorrow in your heart, it is the mechanism similar to soda bottles.The more you try to put the pressure on the bottle, with the equal or more force it will come out. And same goes with the pain, the more you keep it your mind, there comes a time when it will come out in such a way that it will make you suffer and the only thing you will left with is guilt which will kill you every day. I think pain and anger are inter-related things. If you don’t express what is there which is hurting you then over the time, that thing takes a form of anger and then it just lashes out. And it is not good at all.

Many of us have a mindset that expressing the pain makes us weak. If a man cries then he considered as a cry-baby or is labeled as sensitive person. And as a loyal part of this society we get used to this fact that men should always be strong no matter what happens, But then before being a man, we are a human being, we are tend to get hurt. But we are too smart that we have found many ways to express the pain, and one of them is alcohol. Again we choose the wrong medium to express.


The best and only possible way to deal with this problem is to express what exactly you are feeling inside. Sometimes your dear ones might hurt you, at that time don’t hesitate to tell them that you are not liking whatever they did. They will understand. But if you keep all those things with you then it will affect your relationship with them. So it is always better to say rather than hide.


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