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A Lunch Break…



I was way behind in schedule for submitting my project. Still 3 modules were pending and I haven’t even started preparing PowerPoint presentation. In short I was screwed. It was 1’ o clock and that to I realized when Nidhi came to my desk and showed her classy fast track watch. I looked at her, smiled and went to correcting the layout of my third last module. “Don’t behave so workaholic, its lunch time now, just lock your PC & come”, she managed to say that sarcastically. I thought she was flaunting her watch but she was not. I told her that I will join her in sometime, and asked her to go ahead without looking at her. But she didn’t moved a bit, and when I looked at her, she gave me an “I am really pissed off” expression. (When you are talking to a girl, always make eye contact, and never ignore her). I looked at her apologetically, and said that I will be there in 5 min. She waved her hands in air dismissively and went away towards the cafeteria.

Half an hour passed and I was still on the same module. I saw everyone coming from the canteen, and I saw Nidhi. I waved my hand to call her; she looked at me but then ignored me with “dare you talk to me” face. (Girls have the right to ignore you, but you should be okay with this & never try same with them, and if you do then be ready for consequences). I felt sorry and hungry at the same time. But the break was over. In this fast paced life we are used to skip many things but there was a time in everyone’s life when those thirty minutes of lunch break held a very special place.

Though Marathi was my favorite subject, I was constantly looking at my friends watch. Still 20 minutes were left for recess bell. I was damn hungry and moreover, I had bought bhindi sabji in my Tiffin, which is my all time favorite. At sharp, 3:10, recess bell rang. I put my books in bag and left the classroom immediately. Like all other students, I never used to eat my Tiffin in the classroom itself. I would love to do that, but in school days I was too shy to get involved in groups. Behind all my shyness, there is a long story. Maybe someday I will share that with everyone, but not now. Because as I mentioned, I m hungry now and world’s best bhindi fry is waiting for me.

Besides our school, there is a huge society. I am saying huge, because this society has around 400 houses and most importantly, peoples who live here have the heart of gold. This society had played vital role in whatever I am today. When you enter the society, first you will get to see a small temple of Lord Hanuman and behind it there are houses for gardeners who work in society. My mother used to keep my Tiffin at one of those houses. So in lunch break I used to go there and eat my lunch. There was one unique chair, on which I used to sit and eat my Tiffin. The place where I used to sit, from there my school building is just some steps away. Our school doesn’t have a proper ground unlike the other two schools. But that didn’t stop us from playing. We have one concrete play ground, but usually we used to play there in our PT lectures. So in break time we left with the school corridors and then streets. That society has a big ground but we are not allowed to play there.

After finishing my lunch I sit there only, for rest of the break. I still don’t know how one can survive in those six hours without eating anything. But then there were some exceptions like my classmates. Some of them never used to eat anything in recess instead of that they just used to play and enjoy. Now one might think that to play means it has to be a game of cricket. But we are not allowed to keep the accessories related to cricket, so my friends invented some new games, which were just awesome. The first game I remember was something they used to call as “Aba-Dubi”.  I don’t know the meaning of the name of this game, but I can assure you that it’s one of the funny and painful game. You only require one soft ball, remember those yellow smiley balls or you can create the ball like structure with your hanker-chief also. And then split into two teams. The rules are simple; you just need to hit the person from the opponents’ team, so the team which gets the maximum number of hits will lose. Actually there is no one to count the hits. When one used to hit the ball with all the power, I can see the intensity in his eyes, the perfection to hit the target (here, friend in opposite team). Also the technique used by the target to dodge the attack and once when he got hit, the pain on his face. So in short I used to witness all the possible emotions in those thirty minutes.

The second game is something we are familiar and is nothing but the game of football. So the rules were all the same minus football. I know it sounds weird but my friends never used that sphere like structure while playing this game, instead of it they used to play with a plastic bottle. But our school management got many complaints by the pedestrians, so this game was later banned.

chapati-rolls-lunch box

Previously I used to eat Tiffin in school only, but not in the classroom. On the last floor there was a way or the staircase to the terrace. I had a habit to sit on the staircase and have my lunch. There was a big window adjacent to the stairs. So from there I can able to see the others playing below on the concrete playground. I mentioned this place, because there is one small story behind it. Whenever I get chilly in my sabji, I used to throw it down through that window. On our concrete ground we had one roof like structure which is made up of cement. So that chilly used to land on that roof. One day I was about to throw one such chilly and then I saw something which made me happy and proud. On that roof many small chilly plants were grown and one plant even has small chilly on it. That moment was really sweet (but not those chilies).

For girls, it is the best time for gossiping. I never heard any of their discussions. But now after all these years I am sure that their gossiping had also the same subjects related to shopping, movies, and ongoing affairs in school. But I have never seen her doing these stuffs. She was different. Okay, here I am talking about my crush. I would love to write something more about her, but I have to control my emotions or else my girlfriend would definitely kill me for this.

Once the bell rang which signals the end of break, we all just rushed to our respective classrooms. In school our teachers used to give the lectures chart or time-table, so depending on it we used to bring the books, so that we didn’t have to carry all the books every day. So while drawing this chart in our notebooks, we used to draw two horizontal lines and write RECESS in block letters in the lunch break column. I think that column and those 30 minutes were one of the best things which I had experienced in my life. And I will treasure all those memories throughout my life.

I think there are some stages in everyone’s life and while advancing through each stage we used to leave some memories behind, which might be good or bad. I want to thank all of you who read my previous article and gave me the courage and support to write more. So here I am with my new article with some precious old memories. I hope you all will love it.



……Always demands to be felt

No one can always stay happy and if someone is happy all the time then he might not know the real meaning of happiness. There comes a time in everyone’s life when they get sad, alone and feel something called as pain. But do you think this pain thing really make any difference?? I think it should not, because A: Pain is temporary just like happiness is, and B: Sometimes you need to feel the pain to get over it.


While surfing through TV channels, I finally stopped at one particular channel where, one young lady or to be precise an actress was being interviewed by a reporter regarding her upcoming movie. Her next film was about to release in some days and the theme or the story line of that film is based on depression. I loved one thing when she mentioned that this is a story of a lady or wife who stays in village. We who stay in suburbs are familiar with this term and on top of it all the medical or diagnostic terms related to it. But even I never heard that people who stay in villages or remote areas are dealing with the depression. May be they have their own different terms for calling it. But anyway we will get to see once this movie hits the theater, and yes the name of the movie is “Mohor”. It’s a Marathi movie.

We come across many people who never share their pain or never express exactly what they are feeling. I think I am one of them. But over the time I started hating my behavior as it is causing me a lot of troubles both mentally and physically. While going through all this situations I am blessed that I have her. No matter how disgusting I behave sometimes, she always understands. I am really blessed to have her in my life. Touchwood!!

When you keep all the pain or sorrow in your heart, it is the mechanism similar to soda bottles.The more you try to put the pressure on the bottle, with the equal or more force it will come out. And same goes with the pain, the more you keep it your mind, there comes a time when it will come out in such a way that it will make you suffer and the only thing you will left with is guilt which will kill you every day. I think pain and anger are inter-related things. If you don’t express what is there which is hurting you then over the time, that thing takes a form of anger and then it just lashes out. And it is not good at all.

Many of us have a mindset that expressing the pain makes us weak. If a man cries then he considered as a cry-baby or is labeled as sensitive person. And as a loyal part of this society we get used to this fact that men should always be strong no matter what happens, But then before being a man, we are a human being, we are tend to get hurt. But we are too smart that we have found many ways to express the pain, and one of them is alcohol. Again we choose the wrong medium to express.


The best and only possible way to deal with this problem is to express what exactly you are feeling inside. Sometimes your dear ones might hurt you, at that time don’t hesitate to tell them that you are not liking whatever they did. They will understand. But if you keep all those things with you then it will affect your relationship with them. So it is always better to say rather than hide.